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Montego Bay Autism Center

In 2007, Mrs. Adama Blagrove began an in-home service to answer the cry of a mother with a special needs child. It was at this time she realized, there was no facility in Western Jamaica which catered to the needs of autistic children and teens. Consequently, the Montego Bay Autism Center was established in 2010.

The Center offers the only training/resource assistance available for autistic children, teens and their parents in Jamaica outside of Kingston (a 4 hr drive from Montego Bay).

The Center is a registered, non-profit organization in Jamaica and named an Early Childhood Institutions Top 10 Highest Legal Standards Awardee in Jamaica by the Early Childhood Commission.

Some other reasons why !

Since public school teachers have limited training to address the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, most of these children do not attend school or receive any instruction at all. All costs for alternative education fall to the family. Adama has had many parents come to her gate in desperation, at all hours, asking her for help, and even to take their child.

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